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Polyclinic B.Braun Avium

Polyclinic for internal medicine and dialysis B. Braun Avitum was established in 1998., at that time located on Ksaver, Zagreb. The Polyclinic is part of the international network of B.Braun Avitum dialysis Centers who were founded by the world well known B. Braun company from Melsungen. In Croatia, its owners are B. Braun Avitum group and MEDiLAB Ltd., representative and distributor of B. Braun Avitum for Republic of Croatia. There experiences in the field of dialysis B. Braun Avitum acquires already for more decades, both worldwide and in Croatia, so that Sisak dialysis recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of existence and work with appliances of B. Braun Avitum company.

Over the years a need arose for more space and new locations of Polyclinic in order to be as available as possible for the patients. Nowadays Polyclinic works at two locations: Hondlova 2/11 in Maksimir and Oreškovićeva 20a in Sloboština, New Zagreb.

The most recent technology and excellent service

Centers are equipped with the most recent Dialog+ appliances of the B. Braun company, the world renowned manufacturer. Within treatment of dialysis there is a use of high quality filters from B. Braun, Melsungen. The Centers also apply HDF procedures.

A skilled medical team takes care daily for the 130-odd patients on dialysis. Since 2002. the centers apply and maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with internationally recognized ISO 9001 standards, Good Dialysis Practice – GDP and IEC/TR 62653.

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